15 Dances That Were Made Popular By Songs & Music Videos – iHeartRadio

For decades, we’ve been obsessed with the songs and music videos that have given us some of the most iconic dances of all time.

Going as far back to classic party movies like “The Y.M.C.A,” “The Cotton Eye Joe,” and “The Macarena” (you KNOW you still rock these at every Sweet 16 and wedding you go to), from mid-’00s hits like “The Dougie” to “The Soulja Boy” to “Single Ladies,” reaching as far as the newest moves, like two from Drake, “The Floss,” and oh so many more, these dance moves, challenges, and viral videos have made people all over the world do one thing: Dance the hell out of every single song.

Check out the endless songs and music videos that inspired some of your go-to moves below. And honestly? Make a whole playlist with these tracks — your friends literally cannot help but bust ‘em out, no matter what. It’s just involuntary.