Accessorise your Galaxy Note10 – from bulletproof to bling | Gadget Guy Australia – GadgetGuy

Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 and 10+ hit the streets on 23 August,
and the press releases on cases, accessories and more roll in. Here is a round-up
from bulletproof to bling.

Note that Australia only gets the Note10 Aura White and Aura Black devices. Note all prices are RRP and for the Note10+ – the Note10 may be lower cost and freight may be extra.

Led ‘starlight’ cover illuminates the back of your phone with mood lighting and simple notification icons.  $69 (image left below)

Protective Standing Cover stands up to drops and falls while also propping up your phone at two viewing angles. $59 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 genuine

Clear View Cover lets you take calls and control music without opening the cover. $69 (image left below)

LED View Cover gives you a range of custom LED icons that notify you at a glance. $89 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 genuine

Leather Cover wraps Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in luxurious calfskin, available in a range of colours $79 (image left below)

 Silicone Cover protects your phone with a soft and smooth material that also provides a comfortable grip. $39 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 genuine

 45W Travel Adapter plugs Galaxy Note10+ in for a fast boost of power with 30 minutes PD 2.0 charging (no image)

Wireless Charger Stand – Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 10W+ $129

Samsung Note10 charger

Convertible Wireless Charger flat to stand 15W $119

Samsung Note10 charger

Wireless Charger Duo Pad gives your phone a fast boost with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 while charging Galaxy Watch Active2 at the same time. $149 (image left below)

Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter lets you use your favourite headphones without sacrificing audio quality. $20 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 cable

100W USB-C to USB-C cable $15 (no image)

Wireless battery pack charger $99 (no image)