Custom Cruiser Skateboard Decks are Back

We are happy to announce that our Custom Cruiser Skateboard Decks are back in stock!

What are Cruiser Skateboards good for?

Cruiser Skateboards are a type of board used for cruising short distances. Cruiser boards are longer than standard skateboards but shorter than longboards. They are easier to maneuver and are great for cruising street. Learn more about Cruiser Skateboards

What size Cruiser Decks are available?

Whatever Skateboards offers multiple size cruiser skateboard decks that can be customized and personalized with your photos or text.  Choose the cruiser deck size that works best for you

Easy to Make Custom Cruiser Skateboard Decks

WhateverSkateboards - Add your Photo or Design to a Custom Cruiser Skateboard DeckWhateverSkateboards - Add your Photo or Design to a Custom Cruiser Skateboard Deck

WhateverSkateboards makes it easier than ever to design and make your own custom cruiser skateboard deck.  Complete your design in a few simple steps under 5 minutes!  Once you complete your design, you will be able to see a preview of your skateboard design instantly.  Place your order and we will do the rest.  Your custom cruiser skateboard deck will ship directly to you!

Customize cruiser skateboard deck now