Daylyt Tells Jack Thriller “Clout Chasing Is Good”

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With accusations of “clout chasing” being viewed by most in the industry as fightin’ words, it seems that one well-known emcee may have a different view. Daylyt, perhaps the global face of the battle-rap community, who has won the respect of such top artists as Drake and Eminem recently made the assertion that “Clout-Chasing is good!”

Appearing on comedian, Jack Thriller’s (This Is 50, Wild ’n Out, THE GOSPEL SEX SYMBOL) Party & Bullshit show this week (along with up and coming Bronx emcee, 10K) the panel started talking about the recent hand-throwing caught on camera between rival emcees Da Baby and Cam Coldheart.

Since the camera footage shows everything “except” the actual fight Jack had to ask the panel if they actually thought that the fight was real? To which Daylyt, who has perfected the art of “Trolling” to clock millions of views stated that he doesn’t believe it was real.

That’s when he gives his take on the art of “Clout Chasing”.

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