Ekko MC – “Where the Doh Be” Ft. CQ (Single Review)

Australian artist Ekko Mc drops a new  track titled “Were The Doh Be”. Black Kanga comes firing right out the gate with complex rhyme schemes and vulgar substance. I especially loved the chemistry between Ekko & CQ as they bounced right off each other rhymes and amplified each others energy. I would like to see more of this from the duo maybe even a tape together, The evolutionary concept is enough to add to the perception of growing supporters and listeners in the underground.

CQ raspy signature sound and unique rhyme scheme helps highlight his statements with a rawness unique to his style. As the song continues the so does the impact maximum respect  to this duo as they brought the flame with substance!  at 1st glance the cover didn’t seem like to much but looks can be deceiving. Australia Hip-Hop scene is ever-growing as many conscious artist in the game on the next level  like to tour in the aboriginals stomping grounds, I can the imagine the magic evoked in places like this.  Overall, this track truly embraces what underground Hip Hop is really about!

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Rating 7/10