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Some Fortnite characters are literally losing their heads after the Fortnite season nine update.

Players have been running into bugs where a character’s head detaches from the rest of their body when certain animations are triggered. A player shared a video in which their character’s body is frozen, but their head moves along with the emote they’re using regardless.

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Another case happened to streamer Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar during a livestream. After he downed an opponent using a Combat Shotgun, the opponent’s body fell onto the ground while their head kept floating in mid-air. Unlike the previous case, this time it was the head animation that seems to have bugged.

TimTheTatman tried to shoot the floating head after the player was down, but it didn’t work. The head hitbox was still attached to the downed body, which could mean that the problem he ran into was only visual. He finished the player with a body shot, so it’s unclear if he could’ve hit a headshot by aiming where the head was supposed to be.

This could be a broad issue not restricted to a single Fortnite skin. Both cases show players using different characters, a default skin in the first and Lynx in the second, and different back blings. The first case happened in Playground, while TimTheTatman’s bug happened during a default squads match. There’s very little in common between these two bugs, so it’s hard for players to tell what’s causing them.

The floating head bug seems to be rare, though. Some people replied to the Reddit thread saying it also happened to them, most of the times when they wore Zoey’s back bling like in the first video.

Dot Esports has reached out to Epic Games for clarification.