Gromo & Hush is Dance’s New Dynamic Duo

New York’s Gromo and Hush continue their hit-making wave with the release of their new release, titled, “Find Me (Marco Polo)”. The blueprint, the two execute a familiar formula of catchy mid-tempo rhyme over trendy sing-a-long vocals. Gromo is an undeniable talent who has a unique sound and developed a trailblazing rise thanks to his creativity, execution, and consistency. Refusing to leave his newfound fanbase without their fix of new music for lengthy periods.

Review “R.I.P.”, “Hurry”, and the complete 10-track catalog available now on Gromo’s Soundcloud below.

Gromo and Hush just dropped their third collaboration “Find Me” today, available now on Gromo Records. “Find Me” tells the story of young, fly, and flashy star living the lavish life of blowing money fast and poppin’ bottle nights. Words of encouragement, motivation, and positivity make the track another radio-friendly hit by the up-and-coming star. Stream the new release, courtesy of Spotify now.

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