Jay Laurent: The Director’s Chair

Fascinating, catchy, fresh. This is the description we receive from fans about the hot new music video director Jay Laurent. A Los Angeles-native is known for his luxuriously shot social media visual teasers. Impactful, thousands of the 301,000 Instagram followers has turned the director into a trend with his series of shorts.

Coming from a very different and artistic form of art. Jay Laurent’s execution involves metaphorical complicity, engagement, and creativity. Presenting the new school of Hip Hop a unique delivery with their presentation that has yet to be seen within the genre. Laurent showcases a crossover appeal through his creativity use of social media and intriguing teasers.

Watch Jay Laurent Short, “CHAMPXGNE” Now.

In July, Jay Laurent will release two new directed singles, by Skinnyforthe9 for the new single, “Savage”, and YBN Almighty Jay’s new song, “Project X”.

“Like any project, I start with a vision. I had proposed a concept idea to SkinnyFromThe9 after hearing his unreleased track “Savage”, it was the next day we both agreed to work with each other. I currently have another video releasing with “Project X”, featuring YBN Almighty Jay.

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