JayteKz: Chicago’s Dark Knight Returns

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Chicago is at the top of Hip Hop right now. Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Kanye West, Twista, and the list goes on and on. While supported by a huge following, hidden on the laundry list of superstars is establish recording artist JayteKz. Accompany by 104 thousand followers, the Chicago-native has grown into an unstoppable indie powerhouse with an incredible body of work.

Born Joel Serrano, as JayteKz, the established recording artist is an unstoppable force every word he speaks connected to a beat. Analyzed, he exhibited tremendous mega-star potential, immense creativity, hugely popular with an undeniable cult-like following among today’s youth. JayteKz sound is like the fiery bird itself, unique.

Ascending to popularity originally in 2014, JayteKz begins with the creation of a remix version to the Jamie Foxx and Drake hit, “Fall For Your Type”. Legend has it, the remix surprisingly spread like wildfire on YouTube, ultimately amassing an ongoing 1.5 million views.

JayteKz catalog is an audio diary that fans cling to every word faithfully. Every accomplishment, every deep dark desire, every moment, every secret of his has life has been proudly put on display for his fans. While every act shares honesty with their fans in selective story-telling, he is one of the rare artists that leaves nothing hidden and they praise him for it. His humanity is his greatest asset praised by fans all over the world.

Since exploding on the scene in 2015, JayteKz popularity has taken him across the U.S. performing in front of sold out seats just to hear him speak. Telling his story of overcoming the odds time and time again in major markets like California, Texas, Florida, and many more. JayteKz’s career is guided by the experience industry executives under the LA.HI imprint.

JayteKz continues to shine as fans faithfully follow his music like his latest release, title, “Scars”. Watch the new video below.

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