Justin Bieber Slammed For ‘Ill New Grill’ Diamonds, Fans Think He Has Zero Concept Of Money – The Inquisitr

Justin Bieber is receiving a little backlash. The Canadian singing sensation has taken to Instagram to showcase his latest purchase – unsurprisingly, given the wealth this star now comes with, the update was full of bling. Justin’s video was showing a caption-mentioned “grill,” with words from the 25-year-old suggesting that his latest accessory was off the hook.

Fans have been commenting. While many appeared to give the pop star the thumbs-up, a marked number of replies seemed to see fans questioning whether flashing the cash to this extent was tasteful.

“What a disgusting waste of money to show wealth,” one fan wrote with over 223 others agreeing.

“Agree,” a fan replied, although not all responses to this comment proved to slam Bieber.

Other responses did, though.

“That goes in your mouth?? Ugh!!! You could feed a 100 families,” a fan stated.

“Meanwhile people in Africa are starving…but JB has a killer smile,” was a similar comment.

Elsewhere, fans were a little taken aback in the replies – one fan, in particular, seemed to think that the display of wealth was a little out of character.

“I’m surprised he’s showing off such an expensive unnecessary item considering his new lifestyle now. Kinda DOESN’T go together,” they said.

While the remark did seem to confuse the user, it likewise saw the individual state that the purchase wasn’t a necessary one.

“Waste of money really come on Justin,” one fan wrote with what seemed to be an exasperated tone.


Fortunately for Justin, the slamming responses were mixed up with plenty of positive replies. Other fans were confused because they thought the mouth accessory looked more like a ring, with a fair few users stating that they’d done a double-take. Justin is, of course, currently making headlines for his wedding plans to 2018-married spouse Hailey Baldwin. The update did prove popular overall – given that Bieber is nothing short of a bonafide superstar, his social media updates rarely fail in the views or likes department. The video racked up over 4 million views in nine hours.

Justin grew up in poverty. The singer has recalled ordering water instead of soda at restaurants in his youth, although the days of not being able to make ends meet are long over for him. The singer now rolls around in sports cars. However, not every aspect of his life is materialistic. Bieber and Baldwin are hugely religious, with recent interviews seeing Justin place faith as the most important factor in his life.

Clearly, the latest purchase was proving that Justin is still partial to a little bling.