Meghan Markle’s Due Date Revealed By Her Bling, Apparently

Apparently there’s a hidden message in her diamond ring

Now that Meghan Markle’s announced her pregnancy, eagle-eyed royalty fans are keen to find out as much about hers and Prince Harry’s incoming child as humanly possible.

Save from rifling round Kensington Palace with a long-lens camera for a picture of the sonogram scan of the foetus inside the Duchess of Sussex’s womb, or simply running up to her and doing one through her lovely clothes, because really, there are limits, people are poring over her every public move.

The official line is the new royal baby is due in ‘Spring 2019’, but, say some royal-spotters, according to the stack of rings on the third finger of Meghan’s right hand, the due date is in April.

As well as shots of Meghan on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official visit to Australasia, which show her cradling her growing baby bump, implying that, well, the foetus is doing everything it needs to be doing, Meghan seems to have hinted something via her jewels.

The ethically-sourced Ecksand rings, one with a diamond, one with a blue sapphire and one with an emerald, which Meghan wore at the weekend, are all set in 18k recycled gold, reports E!. What’s extra special about these, though, is that blue sapphire is the birthstone of September, the month of Harry’s birth, and while green peridot is traditionally the stone for August, Megan’s birth month, Ecksand doesn’t make green peridot but emerald is the closest to that in their collection and diamond signifies April.

April matches with the ‘Spring 2019’ of the official statement, so perhaps Megan is due to give birth in April. We’ll have to wait and see. What’s for sure, though, is Megan’s shown how to do bling in a very ethical way. Perhaps we can match her efforts by not prying too much into this special time in Megan and Harry’s lives. That is, until Megan, who loves to tell a story with clothes, gives us all a massive hint…