Ne croyez jamais quelqu’un qui vous parle de SEO ! Vidéo SEO Abondance

Hello and welcome to this video Abundance That's it, we're at the 100th, for over two years, since the summer there are a little less videos, so more than two years that I propose videos on SEO! So thanks for your fidelity and for this hundredth video, I wanted to devote to a subject with a somewhat provocative title, please excuse me, it's never believing someone who talk about SEO! So do not believe self-proclaimed or other experts

So of course I will try to explain myself on this title It might sound amazing because it's been more than 25 years since I try to preach the good word in terms of SEO through the sites Abundance, Formaseo, Outiref, Reactor, SEO Definitions, through books for beginners or for a little more affirmed, – finally, I make product placement 🙂 – Of course it's been years that I try to evangelize on SEO and provide as much information as possible, so that might seem surprising to hear me saying that especially not believe someone who talks to you about SEO but in Actually, what I meant to say, the idea is to be clear in his mind on the fact that SEO is not an exact science: Google does not provide a list of things to do saying "here, if you do that, you will be well referenced" and there is not a SEO today who can say he has the infused science and who will you say what to do to make your website be well referenced It's not possible, it's not like that market ! There is no magic potion (yet from time to time I try to drink a little or rub shoulders with it, for those who know me more privately ;-)) but no, there is no of magic potion, there is no ideal solution where we press a button and the site is optimized and well referenced, well positioned, etc

It's not at all like that it works the SEO So of course you have to find out, we will read books, websites, we will look at articles, we will do the day before, we will do training, so all this it's great and it's going to give you the basics of SEO, the foundation, foundation, knowledge of how SEO works globally Ok, that's great, but afterwards, it belongs to you! It's you who have in your hands the keys to creating your own SEO and doing so that your site is well optimized It's up to you to create your own SEO based on the fundamentals you learned at through training courses, books and websites, etc So of course, collect the information, it's always interesting, do the day before, there are a lot of SEOs that do not do not standby especially I am pretty surprised often

At this level you have to really do the watch in this business and collect always information about what's happening, news, news ways to work, Google news too So collect, collect, collect, but do not follow without thinking! Do not follow what you read, what you hear, and God knows if you read and if you hear anything and everything sometimes in terms of SEO, do not follow no, do not be a follower Collect, store, digest, and on that basis trace your own path and have your own ideas

Make your own SEO and especially make your own tests That's what's most important: everything you've learned, you can put it up on your sites, but then test, test a new functionality, a way to write, a way to set up tags in do the technique, the writing, the links, in short everything that makes the SEO It's "Test and Learn" Test, learn It does not work ? It does not matter, you come back backward

It works ? Well, it's not bad, you have a track to go further What I mean in this video is that in books, we will learn to do SEO, Ok But your SEO to you, it is you who will learn it by your tests and by your own experience

So here is the little message I wanted pass for the hundredth video of the site Abundance So thanks again for your loyalty and I'll see you soon for a new video, so the 101st! Thank you and goodbye ! vaud