Q&A With Hip Hop Producer Third Eye

Third Eye, congratulations on your latest release “Welcome To The Cohiba Lounge”, definitely will be considered a classic in our book!!  Where are you originally from and how long have you been making beats?

My appreciation to the crew for their review, thanks for having me! I was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, from two Italian families on both sides. From the age of 16 -18 onwards, I started taking notice of the production side of things, but never took it seriously. Although hip-hop has been the predominant part of my musical upbringing, i’ve always been a huge fan of Hard dance, UKF and Garage too. It was with these genres I started to dabble in producing, but only ever rarely. About 3 years ago I started to take things seriously, that’s when I really started to find my sound as a hip-hop producer.

– Being from Southern Australia, tell me what influenced you into becoming a Hip Hop producer, how many project have you dropped?

As far back as I can remember, the love for music has always been there. Music and futbal have always been my two biggest passions. In early primary school days albums like Warren G’s “I Want It All”, “The Chronic”, Naughty by Nature or anything Tupac were on constant rotation, so a West Coast influence definetly stemmed from an early age. I’ve always found it hard to listen to a track if i’m not feeling the beat, no matter how good the vocals might be.  So far i’ve released five official beat tapes digitally.

– If you don’t mind sharing, how do you make your beats? What kind of samples or techniques you use to make those hits?

It all starts with whatever I feel at that point in time, sometimes I hop on the PC (I use a PC / Axiom25 Keyboard) and find a sample i really want to flip after digging. Other times I just jump straight in or I have the idea ready to go in my head. I’ve found if there’s no creativity there nothing tends to flow. For me, that creative spark always has to be present.

– Please Break down that concept/creative process to “Welcome To The Cohiba Lounge”?  Shout out to your artwork, really stands out!!!!

The creative process behind “WTTCL” all fell into place as I was making the beats for it. I knew it was going to be uplifting, but at the same time layed back. I put a lot of positive energy into it, as I do with most my beats, while at the same time maintaining the raw hip-hop element. The most important thing for me is making people feel a certain way when they listen to my music. If i can leave an everlasting impression and inspire or influence whoever’s listening, that’s what it’s all about.

– How does social media play a role in your success? How are fans / supporters helping your movement?

So far many people have reached out from all corners of the globe and shown love, for this I’m very thankful. Things like this drive you to keep persisting, so they play a critical part in supporting the movement no doubt. Nowadays with social media, it definetly makes it easier to communicate and gives people the oppurtunity to reach out to one another from anywhere. That being said, social media is something that is strictly music and marketing for me. I don’t use it for anything else.

– Let’s talk about your live shows!  How often do you perform?  Do you use visuals for your live beat sets?  Give us a glimpse of what to expect when fans come out to see you perform live!?

Live shows are something I haven’t put a lot of thought into to be honest, as my sole focus has been on creating content. Maybe something for the future.

– Any new music in the works for the rest of the year?

Most definetly. At the moment there are two vocal albums underway and set for release mid to later this year, with artists from Connecticut and West Philadelphia. Apart from that I would say another handful of vocal projects with some real talented lyricists.

– As you know, this is an underground site.  What’s your definition of “underground hip hop”?

For me, underground hip-hop is something that is pure. Like Masta Ace said “You can feel it in your inner”. When the right notes hit, it gives you this certain feeling and it speaks to you the truth. There’s no agenda behind it.

– Where can fans find more of your music?

A big shout out to everyone supporting the movement, it’s been a blessing so far.  Check me out on the links below:






For production enquries, email: beatzbythirdeye@gmail.com