Q&A With Rising NorCal Hip Hop Artist Stoney Dudebro

We are extremely excited to have featured your latest single ”6AM Freestyle”, being an artist we never of heard before this, please tell us who is Stoney Dudebro? Where area code do you rep? How did your Hip Hop brand come about?

Appreciate you having me and giving a platform to rising rappers. Who is Stoney Dudebro? I am Stoney Dudebro haha. Nah but for real Stoney Dudebro is a dreamer turned doer who underwent a California metamorphosis. Being from northeast Ohio shout out to the 216 and 330 I grew up in a conservative working class family. I was the first college graduate in the family and landed my “ideal 9 to 5” which led to a promotion and transfer to Stockton, CA shout out to the 209. Shit went really sideways due to a nasty, miserable coworker and I finally had decided after a year-plus nightmare that I was no longer going to sacrifice my happiness for a paycheck. Through the healing process, self discovery, and lots of weed along the way every day I channeled 13 years worth of life experiences and it came out in the form of Stoney Dudebro.

We notice your style is super original and very creative. Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there! Do you use auto-tune??

Yeah I appreciate that and definitely take that as a compliment. I really have my own sound. I don’t feel like I sound like anyone in particular. I will tell you however that my five major music influences can be heard in my music. I was born in Cleveland and Cleveland born niggas are just different. The Cleveland scene and Ohio scene for that matter has a lot of unique, creative artists that have made their own wave and are making their own wave as we speak and I’m creating my own – it’s starting to swell. I was on the Cleveland scene in a duo during Machine Gun Kelly’s rise and lived my late teens / early twenties through Kid Cudi’s rise. Every time I still hear “Day N Nite” I think about how relatable that song is for me. I mainly listen to Wiz, Berner, Pac, Logic, J Cole, Demrick, Post, and Cudi as mentioned … it’s just something about the exotic NorCal trees I”m puffin on when I hop in the booth. It’s Stoney. YUAAP! And auto-tune is a cool tool. Not something I lean on but my engineer might add a little of that sauce on there from time to time.

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ROLLING LOUD!!! Seems to be the one Festival all artists want to be a part of!! Any plans on getting on a festival on that scale? Are you touring this 2019 year?

As I said earlier I’m a dreamer turned doer and Rolling Loud is definitely on my dream board. It’s in God’s hands and I’m working toward making it reality every day. I got a lot of content done and it’s about to start coming in hot so as a part of that I most definitely plan on getting on the road this year. I already have tour plans in the works so just make sure you’re following me on IG @stoneydudebro so you don’t miss out on the announcements.

Let us know about the creative process behind your new single “6AM Freestyle”, along with the video production work?! How did you end up linking up with Katie Ann Martin?

It may come as a surprise but I actually did come up with the concept at 6am on a Saturday. This was when I was still working my 9 to 5 so ya know you only get 2 days to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday and I woke up outta nowhere at 6am. I looked at my phone like “what time is it?” and for real just like the intro… OH FUCK man it’s 6am on a Saturday! So that’s how the idea really came about. The producer, Owlspec, sent me this beat and I instantly vibed with it so I just ran with it. I wrote the song during my 6am wake-n-bake and it was done by time I finished my joint. I was in LA at the studio and Katie and her puppy Thor pulled up for the sesh. It was the first time and only time we met. Sadly, Katie recently passed away – way too soon. I don’t want to get into details but you just gotta be careful with what you’re consuming out there. RIP Katie. But to continue we were talking with my videographer about music video plans and all the sudden we decided to just start shooting during the studio session. And prior to the studio session I had to go over to Venice Beach and kick it. Get those super cali vibes activated with an açaí bowl, some ocean, and some good vibes. So we captured that too.

When are you planning on dropping an official album in 2019?

The plan is late Spring early very early Summer but we’ll see. It’s done. Just got it mastered this month so I’m listening to it from start to finish and can’t wait to take y’all on this musical journey with me. My goal is to inspire you, motivate you, educate you, and get you stoney.

How often do you smoke cannabis?

Everyday ay ay ay yeah (Logic’s voice) multiple times throughout the day. It depends on the flow of my day but I always make time to spark up. It’s my daily medicine and therapy. FrFr.

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How does social media playing a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

Social media is huuuuge. If these social networks were countries they’d be the largest in the world. Social media gives artists and fans a bridge to each other. A lot of the artists I have worked with – the initial conversations took place via these networks. My fan base has strongly been built through social media by having that bridge between creator and listener. If you have aspirations that require networking and you’re not spending time everyday taking deliberate action on social media and you’re just scrolling – you’re doing yourself a disservice. Take advantage of the resources we have in 2019.

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

It can mean a lot of things but to me it truly means music that is created with real purpose. Most artists realest music is in their underground days because it’s authentic, real, raw. A lot of artists as they ascend toward the mainstream lose the purpose they had when they first started and that can be from a number of things such as contracts, pressures, publicity, what’s hot, etc. meaning it also represents a lot of artists who do it for the love of the culture not for the fame or clout.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

Lastly, and shout out?

I just wanna take a moment to thank UGHH for having me and respecting my grind. A lot of people see the highlights on social media but don’t see the grind which is hours, days, weeks, months, and years of scratching, digging, and clawing up Dream Mountain. I sowed in 2018 so I could reap in 2019. You can do the same thing too. You just have to be willing to dig deep and willing to change in order to grow. Live the life YOU want to live because you’re the one who has to live it. YUAAP!