RudySamA – “Love You 2” (Album Review)

SoCal’s RudySamA is familiar on the underground scene thanks to his witty wordplay and promising appeal. The Perris recording artist follows up his first project with a must-hear sequel in the new album, Love You 2. While most sequel fails to live up to the hype, RudySamA is eager to change that assumption on his latest effort with an impressive collection of new music.

While following up his 2018 EP, Relics, Love You 2 is regarded as the rising star’s most promising effort to-date. Already known for his impressive lyricism, RudySamA looks to entice on the new 7-track effort with a deeper dive into the psyche.

Stream Love You 2 by RudySamA below, courtesy of Spotify.

Moody production filled with murky elements, the complete body of work sonically is ambitious. Similar to unlocking a mystery, the project’s sound grows into fruition gradually and it’s indeed smart execution. Helping tell a compelling story, the production strength and spirit is very strong as RudySamA indulged so much of himself personally.

Atop of the production, RudySamA dark tone is as appealing as his story. A short story (7 tracks), RudySamA is smart with his wordplay as he explains his mental point-of-view while retelling what appears in the present in a single verse. Using single self-explanatory words with multiple meanings, the storyteller is overall demanding and after all still a rubric cube mystery.

“Humbly entertaining thoughts which later manifest into reality,” the clever rapper express. Like before, RudySamA’s dark metaphors and poetic imagery is at the forefront of the project. While a first-time listener will be intrigued, a core fan would be left feed satisfaction but inquiring if this is the peak or spark of his potential. The material isn’t the same but the quality is stagnant on the new project as it doesn’t either underperform or overperform.

Final review, Love You 2 is another acquired taste by the rising star. A project’s opinion that will open for debate for year’s to come.

Rating: 7/10

Highlight: Lyrics

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