Shinyribs Pave the “Highway of Diamonds” with New Single (premiere) – PopMatters

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Kevin Russell as a solo project in 2007, Shinyribs has since metamorphosed into one of the most acclaimed Austin-based bands in recent history. In particular, Russell calls back to his collective’s foundation through their upcoming album, Fog & Bling, in ode to the late bassist and producer, George Reiff, who initially inspired him to develop Shinyribs. Ahead of the LP’s release on 14 June, the band is sharing their latest single, “Highway of Diamonds”, with PopMatters. Featuring Russell on drums, the track reinforces Shinyribs’ uncanny ability to fuse elements of swampy, rhythmic-centric blues into their sound. Wrapped in an easygoing soul, the atmosphere that the band encapsulates with this release is palpable.

On “Highway of Diamonds”, Russell tells PopMatters, “Highway of Diamonds is about two misfit wallflowers who runaway out onto the open road and transcend the superficial lives they led before. A kind of coming of age story. They have no idea of the magic and beauty they would find. They only knew they had to go.”

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