Tom Brady’s opinion key to Super Bowl ring master designer – Musket Fire

The creative mind behind the Patriots’ latest championship ring openly admits that he just wants to surprise and impress Tom Brady at this point.

Miran Armutlu is the master jeweler for Jostens, a company known as much for its production of championship rings in sports as its production of class rings for high schools and colleges. 33 of the past 53 Super Bowls have had commemorative championship rings designed and manufactured by Jostens, including all six rings won by Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

As such, it’s no surprise that Armutlu might value Brady’s opinion and reaction to his work more than anyone else’s. That’s because Brady is arguably the only person outside of Bill Belichick – and outside of Armutlu himself – who might be getting a bit inundated and oversaturated with bling at this point.

Just as it’s certainly possible to get desensitized to anything after too much exposure, Armutlu knows that Brady is in a unique position amongst athletes who get to judge firsthand his handiwork and craftsmanship. While most other professionals will go their entire careers without the opportunity to receive a Jostens championship ring, Brady has been fortunate (and talented) enough to earn six of them over the course of the past two decades.

So you’ll forgive Armutlu if he paid closer attention to Brady’s reaction at the Patriots’ Super Bowl ring unveiling ceremony last week more so than any other player’s.

“The best part of all of these for me, personally, is the emotional side,” Armutlu said to Jeff Howe from The Athletic. “Even after winning six of them, when Brady opened the box, he still said, ‘Oh my god, oh wow.’”

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If all goes according to plan, New England fans hope that Armutlu will have at least one more opportunity to design a Super Bowl ring that elicits another positive, appreciative response from Brady. Although he turns 42 in August, the veteran quarterback has repeatedly stated he intends to play into his mid-40s, health-permitting.

With a seventh championship, the Patriots would break a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl titles all-time in NFL history.