Trump’s Top Economic Adviser Dishes Out Tips to NFL Draft Picks! – TMZ

President Trump’s Top Economic Adviser … Money Tips For NFL Draft Picks!

4/24/2019 7:10 AM PDT


If Kyler Murray is thinking about using his first NFL paycheck to buy some crazy jewelry … IT’S NOT A TERRIBLE IDEA!!!

… this according to Donald Trump‘s chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow

Kudlow — the director of the National Economic Council — was in D.C. when we asked if he could dish out some financial advice for the football stars about to become millionaires when the NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday night. 

Of course, Kudlow encouraged all of the players to get good financial advisers and invest … but he also got SPECIFIC about where the players should put their money! 

“Buy the indexes and hold them,” Kudlow said. 

“Buy the broad indexes! They’re cheap … don’t buy a million, but buy SOME and hold them … and bet on America!”

As for the jewelry stuff … Kudlow laughed at first, but then got serious and told us, “Actually, a good portfolio SHOULD have some gold!”

See that, GET THAT BLING!!!

We also asked Kudlow if Russell Wilson buying $12,000 in Amazon stock for all 13 of his Seattle Seahawks linemen is a good idea … and you gotta hear Kudlow’s response.

Remember, Kudlow’s boss, Donald Trump, HATES Amazon’s top guy, Jeff Bezos — which makes Kudlow’s answer all the more interesting. 

Not everyone is a fan of Wilson’s gift — we spoke with actors Michael Ealy and Meagan Good … and it’s clear some people think Russ should have cut BIGGER checks, considering he just signed a $140 MILLION contract

But hey, a gift is a gift … right?