Albert Andrada’s ‘less bling’ look, Lucy Gomez’s feel-better clothes for ‘fat days,’ Patty Ang’s ‘high-end’ style –

Bench honcho Ben Chan (third from left) with (from left) Albert Andrada, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Patty Ang

Veteran designer Albert Andrada opened Bench Fashion Week holiday collection last week.

He described his set as having “less bling” than what he usually does.

“Most are off-white and beige but the last pieces have blue because those colors are so divine and heavenly. I would describe the look of my collection as modern but opulent,” Andrada said.

“I am known for gowns but I also want to showcase what I can do with dresses and simpler styles. Well, they’re simple for me! Some people might still say they’re complicated.”

Mini lace dress by Andrada

All-day dressing

The Lucy Torres-Gomez X Kashieca collection was inspired by the Leyte lawmaker’s childhood memories.

Gomez grew up in a home where women were always dressed up. Her lola, who was a jewelry designer, would wear a daster with jewelry and lipstick while playing mahjong with her friends in the living room.

Lucy’s yaya would call her maarte because even though she was at home alone playing with dolls, she’d pick out her clothes and make sure they all matched.

“This collection celebrates my life now and what I am as a woman,” Gomez said. “We play multiple roles and we have to dress for each of those roles.

“Unlike in the province where you have the luxury of going home at the end of the day to change for an evening out, here in Manila, because of the traffic or because of how packed your day is, what you put on at the start of the day has to take you through the rest of the day. You just have to dress your outfit up or down as needed.”

Gomez said her collection is for women of all ages and includes pieces that can make you feel better on your “fat days.”

“If I can help a woman out there who wants that kind of fashion, then I’m happy.”

Beaded and ruffled coatdress

Fun and comfortable

Designer Patty Ang’s collaboration with Bench addresses a more “high-end” market.

“The collection reflects my own personal style,” Ang said. “My look is classic yet fun and very comfortable. And now with Bench, I can reach out to a wider market.”

Pieces can go from day to night and are relaxed enough for travel. “I think my creations are very versatile; versatility is really key. So for the Patty Ang line as well as the clothes in this collection with Bench, you’ll have a lot of pieces that you can mix and match.”—CONTRIBUTED

Shirtdress from Patty Ang X Bench
Chambray skirt and shirt from Patty Ang X Bench
Separates in citrus shades from Patty Ang X Bench—PHOTOS BY ROMAN GABRIEL DIU
“What you put on at the start of the day has to take you through the rest of the day,” says Torres-Gomez of her Kashieca
collection. Striped asymmetric skirt with turtleneck top
Feminine separates by Torres-Gomez for Kashieca