Cash – “Hear Me Paint” (Album Review)

Just like a breath of fresh air that’s the perfect way to explain how this entire album felt, Cash born and raised in Atlanta Ga has a sound reflective of many different hemispheres, including sparking a nostalgic factor of Kanye West early records. The production melodies & lyric placement seemed all transparent and easy as each song melted in right after each other. In 2019 the fans are not appreciating  the the art of creating albums oppose to singles but I believe it’s because artist like Cash have to make it a trend again. “Hear Me Paint” was conceptual magic as we dive into the abstract mind of Cash.

The 1st song on the album “Blank Canvas” set the tempo as Cash says “He wanting to do damage and make something thats felt on all 9 planets” this captured my attention immediately as the the record continued melting perfectly with the composition, The god flow so many influences wrapped into one artist but cohesive all at the same time. I can see these records becoming classic within Hip-Hop if given the right visuals and approach . “Something Better” was completely different reminded me of some classic Lupe & 2pac, Even the dialogue cash created matched perfectly within the record like it was born there, these are the kind of records that just need to be heard. The story begins with a 15 year mother old leaning towards the underworld feeling like the worlds against her, homeless and has to resort to survival she becomes numb to the judgement and off into oblivion.

“Let me down” was upbeat revealing temperature it was dope for that very reason, I like how Cash is able to be real showing his humanistic side as everybody has that one heartbreak but he was able to transmute it into something new and refined. “Mahogany” was a magical song as I believe it can be empowering in the black community on many levels, So far this album completely surprised me very cohesive & well thought out. “I’ll Be Damned” is one of those records you can roll around in the city and just stunt. This was a visual picture of just fun & clowning the fans will be able to appreciate the artistry put into this perception and production behind this record and album collective. “For The Record” was Cash putting it all on wax promising he going to make it happen no matter what you can feel the intensity and conviction in the words,  Another one of those comedic overtones that make you crack a smile after a bar.

“4u 12 Am” was dedication to the ones in Cash’s Life the saxophone carried the song as Cash rides across it effortlessly. Everyman can relate to this song as Cash was able to touch on points every man has to endure in their lifetime at some point, some are ready and most usually aren’t.”Where I Belong” was that one song were Cash imprinted his boot print in a song very uniquely blends sound-waves with heartbreak influences making a solid piece of work. We look forward to new projects by Cash if you want to know more about the ATL rapper follow him on social media and his Soundcloud account.

Rating: 9/10