Evan Talks About SEO Tasks | WEO Media – Dental Marketing

I gotta do the title, I've gotta do the meta description, which will be seen by google I've gotta look at the header tags

You've got h1, h2s I've gotta look at the paragraphs I've gotta make sure they're broken up properly I gotta put in links I gotta make sure the links are going out, going in

I gotta check to see if there is schema I gotta look at is there pictures, alt text, videos Are the videos set up properly with schema Is it something that is going to show up in the nav, is it not And that's just the on page stuff

Then I gotta go offsite, I gotta look at directories, I gotta look at offsite links I've gotta look at, um, are the links coming in valid? Are they going to the right urls? Do I need to point them someplace else? Do I need to do 301s? Have I got everything canonical correctly? Do I have enough, I mean, is there multiple urls? Is there just one url? Is it https? Is it secure? There is a lot to be done I can even look at things like, am I ranking for the main key phrase, that's getting enough traffic there but then there's secondary key phrases that can also get traffic And if the site's not ranking well for those, and there's not a significant presence of the key phrases on the site then I have to go back and re-tool all the pages And with all the work that I did before I have to multiply that on every page on the site

And then I have to take a look at the robots, I have to look at the sitemap, I have to look at the focus keyword for individual pages like what is this page specifically designed towards So, when I'm doing SEO there's a lot to cover I have to look at the analytics Is that telling me anything about the behavior of the site because the behavior might tell me what I need to change If I see a sudden jump in organic traffic, but

or a drop in organic traffic but I see no change in the number of phone calls coming in, that'll tell me that you've either come into or come out of the local block So what do I need to change on that If my cat is hungry do I go over and feed my cat

Do I smell the litterbox? Is it ruining my stuff? I have to add schema to the site, I have to find it's a way to display data for google to read and put on its I mean you've got review schema, you've got video schema, you got image schema, you got medical schema, you got local schema, you got procedure schema, you got all kinds of different schema Social media? It is important to me

I don't deal with social media but I still care what social media is doing, because if they link to the site, if they link to the site are they linking to the page I want them to link to? Does the page still exist? Maybe I could forward that to another page if it's coming into the wrong place Do I see the interactions? Is it something that I can suggest for my clients to sign up for social media package and have Tracy run it I mean she's very capable and can get a lot of traffic to your site Is King Kong climbing our building? Is he gonna punch through our windows and destroy some of our desks? That's a worry You know, you got this big ape hand coming in

I'm not ok with that um, Is my page loading fast enough Do the pages load fast? Is my site slow? That's a ranking factor If you're down to four seconds a page that's not good we can get it faster than that

Our servers are pretty fast and we're upgrading to make them faster There are so many things involved in SEO There are so many things involved in SEO, it's good to have a team who knows how to do it all, and that's what we do at weo media