‘Fortnite’ 14 Days of Summer Grill Locations: How to Complete Final Challenge – Newsweek

It’s the final day of the 14 Days of Fortnite, meaning you only have a few more hours left to finish the list. Players how complete all the tasks Epic Games has created for the event will earn the Smoothie back bling. These challenges will disappear over the next week, so make sure you get it while you can.

Day 14 Summer Grill Locations

In order to complete the day 14 challenge, you’ll need to complete the day 10 challenge by launching fireworks around the river bank. Once that’s done, you’ll get the Low ‘n Slow Pickaxe which you’ll need to use to destroy the grills. These burger-flipping barbeque spots can be found all throughout the map, with large concentrations to the north and the east. You’ll only need to destroy six, which can be done easily by visiting Paradise Palms.

On the river bank where you set off those fireworks, you’ll find groups of empty beach chairs and grills just waiting to be thwacked to death. Since nearly everyone playing Fortnite today is looking to complete this challenge, you may find the grills are already destroyed once you get there. Here’s a good summary of all of the locations you can find grills, from YouTuber IntheLittleWood.

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14 Days of Fortnite Challenges

Here’s the full list of the rest of the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges.

Dance at different beach parties (6)

Bounce a giant beach ball in different matches (5)

Eliminations with the daily unvaulted weapon or a drumgun (5)

Thank the Bus Driver and finish top 20 in different matches (5)

Pop party balloon decorations (5)

Search unicorn floaties at swimming holes (3)

Hit a player with a water balloon in different matches (3)

Bounce off a giant beach umbrella in different matches (3)

Score trick points with a Driftboard with Neon Tropics applied to it (250,000)

Launch fireworks found along the river bank (3)

Get a score of 10 or more on a Carnival Clown Board (1)

Visit a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber ducky in a single match (1)

Search the hidden sea shell in the beach themed loading screen (1)

Have you completed the 14 Days of Summer Challenges and unlocked all the cosmetics or have you moved onto other games? Tell us in the comments.