Group of Female Rappers Looking to Stop the Violence with a Positive Rap Single

Statistics show 4,774,000 women in the U.S. experience domestic violence by an intimate partner every year. Through domestic violence, three women are murdered every day by an intimate partner. To present social awareness on the matter, a group of female recording artists unites through their passion for Hip Hop to battle the issue with empowering musical content.

Hailing from New York City, under the newly formed Old School 76, project coordinator Andrew “Drew” Woods enlists the superior rhyme skills of five of the most formidable female emcees from across various states to present a unified front against the threating cause with positive raps. The project is in an effort to stop domestic violence within the urban community through an art form that has transcended into a global phenomenon. A genre that influenced change on a global scale through beats and rhymes.

Joining Drew Woods on the project is Aim High of Oakland, California, Lil Mecca of Philadelphia, Miss Saigon the Rapper of Chicago, Nuwajah Sankofa of Los Angeles and Lady Loe of Roanoke, Virginia. A protest posse joint, the song is edgy, aggressive, informative, classy and overall outstanding.

A remake of 1991 original, Woods has created a historic moment in Hip Hop that has been reported by several huge outlets. Attacking the cause with a ferocious attitude and monumental wordplay.

Woods on the making of the historic collaboration:

“This is a historical music project because it’s the very first ‘Stop the Violence,’ rap by 5 women who live in different states. The rap Self Destruction had different male and female artists who were from New York. Released in 1991. This track is strictly Rap, there is no R&B/Pop sound. A search using Google, Bing or any other search engine will prove this has never been done. On the internet, you will find. Raps about bullying, and ending domestic violence. This rap project is an original piece. That I created, with various women artist. I hope this piece, is inspiring to all those who listen. To Stop The Violence.”

Stream “Stop the Violence, Vol.1” now, courtesy of Spotify.

Old School 76 on “Stop the Violence”:

“When you hear this track I want you to analyze the lyrics, hear the message, hang onto every word and feel emotionally connected. This track is meant to pick you up, encourage and inspire you during tough times. ”

Merely the beginning to a highly-anticipated run, the newly formed group will spread to other regions and feature a diverse cast of new female recording artists. Follow the ongoing journey and new music to come via Facebook.

Stop the Violence Vol. 1 is available now via She’s On Lyrics Records.