Massachusetts C Wells Talks Making of “New Whip” & New Album

While Massachusetts is most notably know for it’s iconic R&B roots. The new era of music has Hip-Hop flourishing thanks to breakout emcees like Joyner Lucas and rising star C Wells. After creating a buzz with his thought-provoking video, “187 781”, Wells seized the moment with the release of his catchy new single, entitled, “New Whip”. Upcoming Hip-Hop’s Boom spoke with C Wells about the new single and what he has planned for his big break.

Listen to “New Whip” by C Wells below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

You received a lot of attention early last year with your short-film “187 187” but your disappeared? What happened?

Shortly after “187 781”, I actually released “Dear, Summer 2”. I didn’t really give a push on it, I just released it on my SoundCloud to keep my core fans entertained till I revamped what I was creating what soon became the release of “New Whip”.

Was your recent 10-month hiatus a setback or refocus?

Not so much of a hiatus but I did pretty much take a small step back after the release of ‘Before the Tour Bus’ to put together this new approach to music.

Break down the Massachusetts Hip-Hop scene?

The Massachusetts hip-hop scene is growing every chance it gets I’m sure a lot of you may be familiar with Cousin Stizz, Millyz, Bia, Joyner Lucas and so on. But the list does stop at the big name artist like them due to the fact we don’t have the resources that other states scenes may have such as New York, LA, Chicago, Atl, etc. that doesn’t mean there isn’t talent here that could do some damage to the industry.

What is a big misconception about Massachusetts?

A huge misconception about mass is that we don’t have any talent here that is totally false and I feel I’m 1 of a thousand examples of that.

How supportive and competitive is the Massachusetts Hip-Hop scene?

Massachusetts support system is somewhat bias but the support is there it’s not a complete bad thing because we are in our early stages of growth but because of that same reason it gets very competitive because everybody gets caught up in proving why they are the ones that deserve that attention.

In your opinion: Are you the hottest rising star in Massachusetts?

Of course I feel like that and the reason I believe and feel like I’m the hottest is because that’s what I set out to be when I started rapping I don’t do this to come in second place and I don’t feel like anyone does but I also don’t think anyone is putting the effort into their pen as much as I do when I’m writing a song.

Explain the recording process behind your new song “New Whip”?

The recording process wasn’t to complex I just really wanted to stop taking myself
too serious and get back to having fun with music and I wanted the listeners to have fun listening to what I was putting out it’s really a song I wanted to use to open up the door to this new style of music that I’ll be putting out but there sure is a video on the way.

Tell us about your routine when in “mixtape” or “Album” mode?

Sometimes a song I write will spark the idea of a project. I let that first song be the core of the album or mixtape if I wasn’t already planning on doing one. After that I really just let my heart lead me in the right direction after that because I tend to approach projects many different ways depending on how I’m feeling.

Break down the members of the Live Famous Camp?

Live Famous originally started out as an idea, then it was a thing I use to just say on my songs, eventually it stuck to people and soon became the name of my clothing line and now it’s becoming something I’m turning into an independent label/entertainment company that I’m the first artist of with the help of it being put together with my business partner Chy. A little something to look forward to in the next couple of months where I plan to sign new talent specifically from my city to help give that push and make a difference.

Your opinion on streaming? Is it a gift or a curse for indie artists?

I feel like streaming gives indie artist great opportunity to get looks especially since playlist has been popular, I think that’s extremely dope and hope to get on a lot more playlist in the future.

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