Meet Mark Spratley AKA SpratFool: The Man Behind Legally Loud, LVLUP And The Success of Your Favorite New Artists

Mark “Sprat” Spratley has been a major power in the industry for the past four years. You might have seen the name “SpratFool” before from his many viral tweets or posts but the young mogul is creating an empire. From blowing up some of your favorite artists, creating a stamp of his own, mastering the ever changing PR game to throwing some major events around the country, Sprat does it all. The New Jersey native never seems to stop working and his work ethic has not only caught the attention of the industry and artists but fans as well. It seems as though Sprat is three steps ahead of the pack at all times, innovating his way through an ever growing music industry.

Having accomplished so much at a young age, we have our eyes on Sprat and what’s to come in his bright future. We took the time out to talk to Sprat and allow him to fill you all in on some of his work.

1. Who have you worked with to date? 

Countless artists! To name a few: Lud Foe, Sicko Mobb, Smooky Margielaa, Albee Al, DDG, Neako, DaBaby, Nikko Lafre, Fresh Moss, Alus, Don Mykel.

I’ve connected many other moves for artists on the PR tip of course.

2. Where did it all get started? 

Started everything up while I was in school at ECU (East Carolina University). Started to take it more serious when I decided to leave school and head back to New Jersey to multiply my wave and advance with Neako, LVLYSL and Fresh Moss (Out of New Jersey). It became a full time hustle shortly after, 10 minutes into my part time restaurant job I got up and walked right out, moved to Jersey City that week, exercised these levels and it’s been a blessing ever since.

3. Who are you currently or most recently working with? 

I work with a lot of different artists, influencers and youtube stars on a regular basis.

Pre Kai Ro (@prekairo) is a brand new artist of mine that the entire world is soon to know about.

DDG (@PontiacMadeDDG) is another artist I currently work closely with along side the rest of his team.

DaBaby out of North Carolina is one of my favorite new artists out, I’m helping connect some dots over there and power up that wave.

Many more I’m powering up, more new artists will be added to Starting Five this year for sure. I’m about to get back into my artist bag for sure.

Zias and I got a platform up our sleeve that we are about to drop on the world very soon! You might know Zias from his viral youtube reaction videos, but he got a whole lot on the way in 2019 as well.

4. You’ve been ahead of the game on countless artists, are these labels pressing you for an A&R gig? Would you go to a label? 

Still waiting on the right offer! I’ve had some opportunities to A&R a few places, none that I’ve found very fitting or the right place for me at the moment. Although I’m very open to all ideas and offers, I’ve got a vision that’s aligned and on track. I’ve had some other gigs offered as well, my LVLUP won’t be found by working FOR a label or another power though. I’m creating quite a wave on my own, still young and just beginning.

When the time is right where I could see myself being at a label you will know. It will be a special moment and a coveted position. I am currently talking to a few people about bringing Starting Five over to one of your favorite labels. I believe that would be something very fitting at the moment. Not only am I on or “hip” to most of these new artists way before the pack, I have the ability to actually create and develop a star or completely take off an artist near ready to blow up.

5. How long were you working with Lud Foe? 

Mannn I was with Foe for a while. Maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years max. From No Hooks, #GetWellFoe to No Hooks 2. I was there, we charted it up every time to. I parted ways months before Boochie Gang.

6. I certainly remember you pushing and teaching the world about these levels with Neako, Fresh Moss and LVLYSL early in your career. How did you link up with them? Still talk to them?

FACTS! We been working and teaching these LVLS, LVLUP and all of that everyone talking these days. 

Shit we are all from JERSEY. It was something as simple as that. I would bump Fresh Moss “New Jersey Drive” heavily! Lol that was some Jersey shit for real. Fresh Moss and I connected, LVLYSL was forming at the time, and we took it from there. It was an opportunity for me at the beginning stage of my career and I made sure to master anything I could possibly do. We still check in with each other here and there, we’re all working. Neako is a talented individual for sure. Fresh Moss was not only a dope artist but he had a head on his shoulder, very smart individual with a knack for the business and how everything works.

7. You have “Meditate – Levitate – Regulate” everywhere from your social media, and more, what is that and what does it mean?

That’s LVLYSL to heart. To be more exact, the 3 pillars.

Meditate, Levitate, Regulate. 

LVLYSL was deeper than just the music, it was an organization, a way of life. Meditate is when you plot on the task at hand, your thoughts and aspirations. You sit on it, think deep, think wisely, you MEDITATE. Levitate is you moving on those beliefs. Levitate is you taking action on what you believe in, what you are seeking to do or looking to take over. Regulate is pretty self explanatory, thats the takeover. Regulate is you owning what you do and absolutely obliterating anything in your way. Claiming your throne and not letting anyone tell you otherwise.

8. You’ve been the man at SXSW for 4 years now? How did that all get started and what do you have in store for 2019? 

I started by attending SXSW just as a manager, PR, writer and fan. I would come out there with 1-2 of my artists and we would have our 8-10 shows booked for the week, network and have a good time. 

At this point I’ve probably only thrown one show in my life beyond parties and what not in college and high school. The only show I had under my belt was a historic event for sure, bringing out Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez (His last show smh) and the Underachievers before any of them were really popping. RIP STEEZ!

I realized I wanted bigger events at SXSW, I wanted my artists name right near all the other major acts and headliners on the flyers. With that said, I created Legally Loud. The inaugural Legally Loud kicked off in 2015, I brought the legendary DJ Enuff and Hot97 on board, got GPEN to come on board with the sponsorship and the event went up! I had a deep lineup for sure but most of the artists had to be listed as special guests, my name just wasn’t big enough on the event side yet and no one wanted to hear it from SXSW. I think the only names I was able to put on the flyer were Post Malone, Nikko Lafre, Bizzy Crook and Bizz-E Blaze. The event was a major success and the start to many more. To add to the success of the show it ended up being where Post Malone claims “It all started”.

From then on it was a wrap! I LVL’d up by next SXSW. Every artist wanted to perform, show out, name on flyer and all of that. I brought on HotNewHipHop as an official media sponsor and we really created more history. I started flooding SXSW with more events that 2nd year. Recruited 40oz Van to come link up with me for a 40oz Bounce, officially kicked off my LVLUP mansion party on top of a few other events and started the official takeover of SXSW. 

I can certainly go deeper into all this but I’ll save it for another time haha. From there you all can certainly get a gist of how it’s been going. SXSW has created many stories, memories, opportunities and moments I’m sure many will forever remember including myself. I’ve brought out countless acts and countless stars.

9. How do you feel about calling Atlanta your new home?I’m hype as hell, I’m not gonna lie one bit. I was getting too comfortable in LA and ATL has always been a second home. I’m already plugged deep in Atlanta, there is a lot of uncharted territory as well. It’s going to be a good move. I can’t complain about getting a house either…

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