SEO Course Intro

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks high in search results SEO duties are generally the responsibility of marketers, content contributors and developers as they aim to rank high for a variety of keywords to get searchers to click into their websites

As technology has evolved, so has SEO Companies have updated their optimization tactics to align with how search engines rank web pages When Google arrived on the scene in 1998, it quickly surpassed other search engines so Google algorithm updates have been a powerful force for change as SEO best practices have progressed over time There are two areas of SEO that encapsulate the range of tactics we use to optimize web sites for search; content and technical SEO As Google analyzes content to determine your rank position, it's looking for high-quality content that is relevant to what searchers want to find when they search for a keyword

Activities related to developing this relevant high-quality content for searchers are what we call "content optimization" Google also needs to be able to crawl, index and interpret your content before it can decide if your content is a good match for a keyword It needs to be convinced that your website is free from issues that hinder the searchers user experience in the areas of mobile usability, load speed, site security, site errors and broken links Auditing your website for potential issues and fixing these items represent technical SEO In short, SEO encapsulate all the activities that contribute to a website's page rank for target keywords and this course will give you a fundamental understanding of how it works