september snapshots // seo vlogs

it's like 6 am and i don't wanna go to school but i'm awake it's 6 am

and i'm out here stanning city girl cue the music so, remember how i complained about having the ugliest shirts to wear at home?? well, guess what: look at this!!!! city girl shirts and they're so gorgeous,,, oh my god this is from their album "snow rose" and this is from their album "neon impasse" oh my god i'm so so happy! thank you so much city girl for sending the shirts over i ove them so so much! i'm gonna try a vegan mac and cheese today someone on my discord uploaded this recipe let's start with all the ingredients pasta soy milk (although it is titled "soy beverage") um, salt i couldn't find chili pepper? chili powder? i think? so i decided to use cayenne pepper instead chipotle powder and nutritional yeast and garlic powder it's time for the final verdict one thing i will give it is that it actually does look like mac and cheese sauce like the color is yellow and cheesy

i feel like i should not expect it to taste like cheese i should just expect it to taste like good pasta because the last time i tried vegan cheese, i had my expectations too high expecting it would taste like, you know cheese, like actual real dairy cheese it did not but it wasn't bad i don't know why this always but i'm laaaaaaate !!! it's okay, i have a spanish test tomorrow, taking my spanish 3 folder with me and we're going!!! tada!!! guess what i have!!!! an unboxing video!!!! hahaha okay we're gonna try that again okay the kind people at gaston luga (probably pronouncing that horribly wrong) gaston luga from stockholm, sweden kindly sent me a backpack and it's very very cute but yeah, let me tell you my, uh i had a really hard time opening this i sawed it, i sawed the box open with a pair of scissors there will be NO packaging troubles this time bc i have a pair of scissors alright, so it's a pretty spacious backpack! for size reference this is how big it is for more size reference this is how big it is super unnecessary, but yeah, i'm not doing that again, but very spacious inside thank you to gaston luga for sending me this backpack! just finished taking a lot of photos for my stdygram and my studyblr so here's the aftermath of everything so i'll have to clean this up later it used to be so clean before a tragedy truly why do I feel like this is such a constant mood of "why am i always running down the stairs late?" alright, so i have my friend's birthday card, i have my friend's flower i think i'm ready to go i have my keys, my wallet yeah i just finished the first half of my college applications and i submitted it early and i'm feeling super, like, nervous and anxious and overwhelmed by like the entire prospect because this is my life going forward but i'm putting my best foot forward

i'm doing my best trying my best and hopefully that'll take me to the place where i belong i'm just here, clutching a hot water bottle to my chest because of period cramps and i'm feeling nervous and honestly if that ain't the mood for 2018, i don't know what is friend: "hold on BICEPS" friend: "wait wait wait i gotta do the other side" other friend: "wait, give her more leg" other other friend: "more leg? give her more LEG" ok i FIXED it friend: "do you think that they can see" wait, i fixed the video problem hahaha *intense dolphin laughter* i fixed the problem! wait, hey!! turn on snow rose! right ! now! go! (friend: "oh god") WAIT NO DON'T you play music and then i do the arm workout augh got it my puny arms can't take this i'm gonna be a safe citizen seo: "ROAD WORK AHEAD" friend: "i sure hope it does" *more dolphin laughter* is this going to be a pattern for all of my vlogs now??? friend: "i sure hope it does"