Yukon Talks Hip Hop, eSports, & His Next Move

Atlanta-by-way-of-Connecticut recording artist Yukon has trailblazed and undeniable and unstoppable path to the top of Hip Hop with his lyrical prowess, exuberant persona and consistent hitmaking. Knowing the long road that comes with not only getting to the top of the charts but staying at the top, the new artist still has a lot to prove.

Now with the word at his attention, we ask, who is Yukon? Learn the complete story of what the rising star has in store below.

What’s the next step for Yukon?

The next step from Yukon is a new level.

You’ll continue to see and hear more from me. Like I said before, Thanks to my team we’ve been able to put a lot of things together like meetings with big companies, interview after interview. Everything to get heard.

More music and music videos on the way. New merch, new everything for real! I’m working on tying in the gaming side also, so stay tuned for that.

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We see you traveling a whole lot, who shows you the most love towards your music?

Women and children show the most love towards my music. That’s a blessing to me because coming into the music as an artist and brand, doing my research, that’s who I want to be my biggest audience.

We’ve been told you have music on the way, any features or hints on what’s to come?

Yeah… A lot of collabs on the way and still in the works. I got this record with Lougotcash from Queens, NY. You know Lil Twist from Young Money. We got a crazy record on the way too! My boy Tdot Squiat we got three bangers in the vault. A lot more on the way y’all gonna have to wait and see [laughs].

What is Infinite Vision?

Infinite Vision is an independent label that I’m signed to.

It’s almost been a year since we’ve been working together and everything career-wise has been growing for us.

You landed your music on a giant radio station in Hot 97, how did that feel? Did you get the chance to hear it on the radio?

It’s a surreal feeling to hear my song on Hot97. You know growing or even starting in music that’s one of the biggest goals and accomplishments for an artist. I know social media has taken over but you still can’t count out getting your record on the radio. I was actually in the studio in NY working on new records when that happened. Caught me by surprise. Shoutout to DJ Drewski and the whole MVMT for putting that together.

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Any shows or tours coming up?

It feels good that my music is growing and accepted. It’s given me more confidence as an artist that what I’ve been working and sacrificing for is actually paying off and as a fan of music

What’s your view on this producer x artist talk going on? An artist becomes a producer and it’s praised. A producer becomes an artist and it’s frowned upon (case in point Sonny Digital)?

I don’t get why a producer can’t be accepted as an artist. I’m all for that man. There’s a lot of producers that help the artist with their biggest records and it’s to me that when they drop on their own it’s like nobody cares. Maybe it’ll take more time or just another Kanye to happen [laughs].

How was OVO Fest?

OVO Fest was epic. I really got the see the culture out in Canada. Linked up with artists that’s international known but from there, Roy Woods and the kids out there man they welcomed me with open arms. I definitely have to get back out there.

What do you want people to take from your music?

I want everyone that listens to my music to take my experiences I speak about & be better than me. Be inspired, where I came from to where I’m going.  Know your worth & the world is yours

What’s your gamer tag for all the fans out there trying to play Yukon?

My gamer tag is “Les ismoor” on Xbox One or they can catch me live streaming at Twitch.

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